The Art of Fire

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Pyrographic Art by Sharon Bechtold


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Eagle with Salmon 15 x 18 pyrograph on Apple (Sold)


“The creatures that share our planet are not separate and distinct from us. They are us. Our treatment of them and the environment reflects our attitudes about ourselves. There is no us and them. There is only One. Dualities are an illusion, definitions of something that is intrinsically undefinable. In viewing my art I hope to inspire a connection and an awakening that fosters the awareness that we are all responsible for and deeply connected to and an inseparable part of the natural world around us.”

FIRE - Creative destruction, fire warms, gives light, destroys, changes, creates, without it we could not live, the Sun in his daily glory is Fire incarnate, rising each morning to light our day and reflecting his brilliance upon the Moon at night. Fire thoroughout the ages has been revered and used in sacred ceremony.  Fire, is the spark of Divine Light.

WOOD - The Tree of Life, fruit of the earth, her roots dig deep into the earth while her branches reach to the heavens, she gives us oxygen to breathe, shade to cool, fruit to eat, branches to climb, wood to build and paper to write, she fuels the fire and together with Fire gives of herself to provide us warmth and light. Time is etched within her grain recording the circle of life.  Wood, is the Sacred Circle of Life.

I am honored to work with both Fire and Wood and through them hope to communicate the wonder, power and beauty of nature that surrounds us all.  May viewing my artwork bless your everyday and open your eyes to the bountiful richness that surrounds us!